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  • Lots of new features with AgreeDo
  • AgreeDo’s new look

Lots of new features with AgreeDo

We added lots of the new features and fixed some bugs. Read what’s new now:

  • First of all, you now can change the owner of a meeting. When you are the current owner of a meeting, you will find a new button next to your name in the header of a meeting. This allows you to transfer the ownership of this meeting to another participant of this meeting. Please note this is a premium feature only available to our premium users.
  • Copy the participants list when forwarding a meeting: You’ll find the button within the “Forward Meeting” dialog. This is helpful when you want to notify the participants of an important change or want to gather feedback.

Please let us know if you like the new features and what other features you would like to see in AgreeDo.

AgreeDo’s new look

AgreeDo's new look
We are about to change the look of AgreeDo. There are aleady some slight changes to the meeting view with the new button bar. There is more to come soon. AgreeDo will then be better usable on mobile devices.

AgreeDo Newsletter October 2015
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