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How it works

AgreeDo is your all-in-one tool for meeting minutes. It instantly boosts your team’s meeting performance: Before, during and after each meeting!

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Create and Share Agenda

Best meetings start with well prepared attendees. All participants collaborate to create next meeting’s agenda.

Better Agendas

Attendees use AgreeDo to add their ideas, comments, results to the agenda before the meeting even starts.

Participants share their ideas comments

One-Click Meeting Minutes

With AgreeDo you turn your agenda into the meeting minutes with just one mouse click.

AgreeDo integrates nicely with Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc.

Attendees directly start their online session from AgreeDo! Currently, AgreeDo integrates Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting from LogMeIn and Cisco’s WebEx. 

Edit Task

Track Tasks and Results

Track all decisions and tasks. Assign and schedule tasks within your meeting minutes.

Custom Print Layout

With AgreeDo premium you can design your own print layout for your meeting minutes. Furthermore you get more control over printing comments.

Powerful Search

AgreeDo’s powerful search feature lets you easily search through all your meeting minutes.

High Security Standards

Our datacenter uses modern security architecture to keep your data safe.

Task List

Keep Track

When the meeting is over, work starts. AgreeDo’s powerful task filters help you to review all current task’s progress.

Automated Reminders

AgreeDo automatically reminds your project team about tasks’ due dates. Let AgreeDo drive your team’s progress!

Create Follow-Up Meetings

Use AgreeDo to easily prepare your next meeting’s agenda out of your meeting minutes. Only on-going tasks are taken automatically to the next meeting. Everyone knows, nothing is overlooked.

Best User Experience

Use keyboard shortcuts you can write down meeting minutes without even touching your mouse. All important features can be reached with keyboard shortcuts.

Choose Your Device

AgreeDo uses modern web technology to deliver best user experience on any device: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mac, Windows, Android: you choose the device!

Outlook Integration

Create meeting minutes and and track your agendas directly from within Outlook. More information.

And Much More …

There are plenty of other features. Try it out for free and experience 30-days free Premium trial today!

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