Is my data secure on AgreeDo?
Yes. AgreeDo uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all your sensitive meetings are kept safe and under strict confidence.

Security Features

We have undertaken the following security measures to ensure your data remains safe:


AgreeDo can only be accessed via an encrypted HTTPS connection. All communication between your computer and our servers are encrypted by default. Your browser shows a padlock icon to indicate the encrypted connection.

Access rights

All meetings you create can by default only be accessed by people you define, and by no-one else. You can easily add and remove participants to control who has access.

Password protected meetings

If you create public meetings, you can specify a password, which will be required to access the meeting.

Moderated meetings

Moderated meetings can only be edited by the creator of the meeting. All other participants can only view the meeting and add comments.

Close meetings

To make sure a meeting is not edited anymore, you simply can close it. The meeting is read-only afterwards.

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