To add AgreeDo like an app to your iPhone’s home screen follow the steps below. Actually, we are using a standard feature which allows you to add any URL to your iPhone’s home screen. This feature is included in the Safari browser. So to add AgreeDo to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, follow this simple setup:
1.) Start the Safari browser on your iOS device (iPhone or IPad):
2.) Open in the safari browser

AgreeDo homepage show in safari on an IPhone 6S

3.) Hit the button showing a rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards like shown on the screenshot below

This will open the menu like shown below.
Screenshot: Add the selected url to the homescreen
4.) Now hit the highlighted button “Add to Home Screen” like shown above. This will open up the dialog shown below:

5.) Enter your preferred caption. Hint: Use a very short descriptive name, e.g. “AgreeDo”.
Now you are done. Your home screen should show the new “app” like the screenshot below does:

If you a want your AgreeDo app showing on the first page on your iPhone follow steps describe here. Apple describes there how to move apps and create folders on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.