We’re happy to present a new feature, which allows AgreeDo Premium users to customize the header when printing meeting minutes. This allows users to include their company logo or information like contact data in the header of printed meeting minutes.

How can I change the layout when printing meeting minutes in AgreeDo?

In order to use a new header for your printed meeting minutes, go to your AgreeDo settings:

AgreeDo Settings

AgreeDo Settings

Then click on “Print Layout” …
AgreeDo Settings Options

AgreeDo: Settings in AgreeDo lets you modify personal data, change the Meeting settings, change your password and edit your print layout.

Then click on Print Layout to change the settings of your printed meetings.
Editor for print header of meeting minutes

Editor to change the layout of the meeting minutes header.

In the new editor text area, you can add text and images, change the alignment, and much more. If you click on the image in the editor you can change the size or alignment of your image within the header

Image alignment in AgreeDo print layout editor

Change the alignment of the image. For example, choose left to show your companies logo on the printed meeting minutes on the upper right-hand side of the paper

After saving, your new header will be shown on top of the first page when  printing meeting minutes:
Example of a custom print layout in AgreeDo

Example of a custom print layout in AgreeDo

How to control comments in the printed version of the meeting minutes?

With comments, AgreeDo users can add additional information to the meeting minutes’ items. Apart from the user-created comments, also AgreeDo produces automatic comments in the following situations:

  • a user changes the progress of a task
  • a user assigns a task to someone

Sometimes this leads to long comment lists. To avoid this, you now have the possibility to oppress those automatic comments when printing. To achieve this, click on “Print Layout” and then uncheck the checkbox labelled “Print all comments …”. This will hide these automatic comments when printing your meeting minutes:

Toggle for comment printing in AgreeDo

Toggle for comment printing in AgreeDo