Question: I just installed AgreeDo Plugin for Outlook. But then suddenly it disappeared from Outlook. How can I make sure this will not happen again?

First of all the reason for this is that Outlook tends to automatically disable plugins which take too long to startup. This also happens to many famous plugins like GoToMeeting and many others.

How to prevent Outlook from removing/disabling AgreeDo Plugin for Outlook?

Step 1: Open Outlook

Step 2: Select File

Step 3: Click on “Manage COM Add-ins” (appears next to “Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins)

Step 4: Select “AgreeDo Plugin for Outlook” and click on “always enable it”.

What if this does not help at all?

If the above step by step tutorial does not help and the AgreeDo Plugin for Outlook still disappears you can try to set the reciliency setting directly in the windows registry. If you are not familiar with using regedit then please do not use this solution as you may totally mess-up your system!

There are many step by step manuals out in the internet. You may want to first read about resiliency of Microsoft Outlook to understand what Outlook is doing. Then you may use the step by step tutorial by Kunal to fix the problem. Or for the easy part you may download this file to add the necessary key to your registry.