AgreeDo Partners with tibbr

AgreeDo partners with social enterprise platform tibbr provides an enterprise social media platform in over 100 countries. AgreeDo is a perfect match for tibbr when it comes to meetings.  Therefore AgreeDo is now available as an integrated app through the...

Change in Alert Policy for Task Reminders

On the request of many users, we changed the default policy for task reminders (alert policy). Up to now, you didn’t receive task reminders for due tasks by default. Now we changed this. The default behavior is now that you automatically receive task reminders...

Google Chrome issue fixed

We fixed an issue with the latest chrome browser. Some of you noticed dialos popping up and down continuously. As soon as we fixed the issue, google updated their library which also fixed it…:-)

Don’t Lose Your Comments

Yesterday we added a little feature which helps you to not lose your comments. If you wrote a comment and forgot to save it, AgreeDo will now warn you when you close the browser window or leave the opened meeting.