AgreeDo on Founder2Be

AgreeDo has been covered on Founder2Be. Founder2be may be valuable to you if you’re searching for a co-founder for your start-up.

AgreeDo Featured in Chrome Web Store

We just got notified by Google that the AgreeDo App in the Chrome Web Store has been featured. If you haven’t already install it, why don’t you give it a try now? If you’re already using our Chrome-App, please consider rating our App or writing a...

Why AgreeDo Is Better Than Google Docs

When people hear about AgreeDo the first time, a lot of them tell us that they would rather use existing tools, like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. These programs also allow you to write an agenda or write down the meeting minutes. And Google Docs even allows the...

Running Meetings Effectively and Time-Saving

AgreeDo co-founder Hannes Heckner wrote a very nice article in the German CHIP magazine about running meetings effectively and time-saving. You can read it online on CHIP-online. In the article, Hannes writes about how to make sure if a meeting really needs to happen,...

Don’t Lose Your Comments

Yesterday we added a little feature which helps you to not lose your comments. If you wrote a comment and forgot to save it, AgreeDo will now warn you when you close the browser window or leave the opened meeting.