AgreeDo, the renowned meeting notes app trusted by thousands of users worldwide, is pleased to announce a number of new features designed to improve performance and streamline the user experience. With a focus on optimizing functionality and reducing email traffic, these updates further solidify AgreeDo’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its global user base.

1. Enhanced IT Platform for Optimal Performance:

AgreeDo has invested in enhancing its IT platform to deliver best-in-class performance and ensure a seamless user experience. Users now enjoy improved load times, enhanced reliability and overall smoother operation, enabling them to collaborate effortlessly and efficiently. In particular, search performance has increased by 300%!

2. Improved confirmation dialog for multi-selection:

Previously, users could unintentionally delete multiple items from their meeting notes. To prevent accidental deletions, AgreeDo now displays a pop-up dialog that requires users to confirm the deletion, providing greater control and preventing potential data loss.

3. Toggle task progress email notifications:

AgreeDo introduces a new email notification feature that allows users to toggle whether the task creator receives an email notification when the task progress changes. This enhancement allows users to reduce email traffic specifically related to task progress updates. All other important notifications will continue to be delivered.


AgreeDo’s commitment to excellence shines through in its latest feature updates. The result is an enhanced user experience for its extensive user base. With an improved IT platform for optimal performance, a refined confirmation dialog for multi-selection, and a toggle for task progress email notifications, AgreeDo continues to provide a seamless and efficient meeting notes solution.

Discover the power of AgreeDo today. Streamline your collaboration efforts with confidence, knowing that your meeting notes are secure, and your productivity is enhanced. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as AgreeDo continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of its global users.