This article delivers a comparison of AgreeDo basic or Premium accounts.  It answers how to get most out of AgreeDo by paying only a minimum fee – if any. It quickly answers the question who should go with the free basic account, and who should get a Premium AgreeDo account.

Permanently free: AgreeDo Basic Account

Why does AgreeDo offer a permanent free account? Some people ask if AgreeDo earns money all? The answer is easy: besides the permanently free AgreeDo basic account, power users need to pay for advanced features (see below). So some users need to pay for the use of AgreeDo. But most users can go with a completely free AgreeDo, which stays free forever. Not only the basic users benefit from this. Also, the AgreeDo Premium users can work with all persons in and outside of their organization comfortably and fast, without ordering any additional licenses. This avoids lengthy setup and licensing rounds and lets you get started immediately at no cost.

Currently, AgreeDo seems to be one of very view professional meeting minute solutions which offer a permanently free account. We think this is a big advantage over many other solutions.

Comparison of AgreeDo Basic or Premium

AgreeDo Premium is for the “power users”. A comparison matrix shows you the difference between basic and Premium accounts. From our point of view, the most important Premium features are:

  • unlimited meetings per month
  • unlimited attendees

So AgreeDo Premium users can create as many meetings as they likes. The important point here is creating, not participating. This means that attendees don’t need an AgreeDo Premium account. A basic AgreeDo user can get invited to an AgreeDo meeting, add items and comments, create or get assigned to tasks just like a AgreeDo Premium user. There is no limitation! AgreeDo lets the teams collaborate without additional cost.

So to answer the question: What account type do you need to buy?

Ask yourself, who in your organization creates and organizes most of your meetings. How many meetings does this person need to create per month? If this person probably will create more than 4 meetings per month, then upgrade this person to Premium. All others stay basic.

Who would normally need an AgreeDo Premium account?

Example: A project manager often invites to a status meeting. So the project manager needs a Premium license, whereas the project members are fine with the basic license.

From our point of view, typical roles in organizations include

  • project managers
  • team leaders
  • managers
  • team assistants

They normally create most of the meetings. Being a Premium user they can add as many participants to their meetings as they like. Assistants to managers who organize meetings, write the meeting minutes, do the followup also would probably need an AgreeDo Premium account.

Any others reasons to upgrade to AgreeDo Premium?

In case you need any of the other “Premium Features“, of course should upgrade as well.

If you are still in doubt after the comparison of AgreeDo basic and Premium, you can just try out AgreeDo Premium in our trial period. The first 30 days after registering you will get a free trial for all Premium features. After 30 days, you will be automatically downgraded to a “basic” account – no credit card needed! There is no obligation to upgrade to Premium. The basic user account stays free forever. In summary, you can use AgreeDo in your organization completely free of charge!

We hope this was helpful to you. If not please don’t hesitate to write a comment on this article or drop us a feedback.

Comparison of AgreeDo Basic and Premium
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