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  • AgreeDo: Drive a process with AgreeDo comment feature

Drive a process with AgreeDo comment feature!

You can trigger actions from within AgreeDo! First, you need to understand the power of the commenting feature in AgreeDo. It can do so much more than just commenting. Just a short walk-through with an example: Please send me
  1. During a meeting you want to get input on a specific item from your colleague “Jane”, who is not attending the meeting
  2. Select the meeting item in AgreeDo, then click on the comment button on the left to write a short note to Jane.
  3. In the comment dialog, check the “Send As e-mail” option and add Jane’s e-mail adress. Hit the “Add Comment” button..
  4. Now Jane gets an e-mail with your note along with the link to the item.
  5. She follows the link to the item and adds her comment.
  6. Next time you open your meeting minutes, you’ll find Jane’s comment! Note: This is also true, when you create a follow-up meeting and include the item in it..

It’s so easy to collaborate using the commenting feature along with Send as e-mail. Try this for:

  • meeting preparation
  • requesting info during a meeting
  • requesting progress for an ongoing task

It all works the same! Try it now and send us your feedback.