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  • New Afrikaans localization for AgreeDo
  • Why is there no address book in AgreeDo?

New Afrikaans localization for AgreeDo

New Africaans localization for AgreeDo
Thanks to Ferdi Botha’s support, AgreeDo is now available in Afrikaans! If you want to say thank you to Ferdi, drop a comment on our blog
Hey Ferdi, we really appreciate your work! Thank you in the name of all Afrikaans speaking AgreeDo users!

Why is there no address book in AgreeDo?

Sometimes people ask for address book integration with Google or Outlook. They wonder why there is no address book in AgreeDo, Inviting people or assigning tasks to people normally would need an address book. So why is there none in AgreeDo, you might ask?

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You would be surprised. Actually there is an address book in AgreeDo! Each time you enter an email address (either for inviting or assigning a task) AgreeDo stores this person in you personal address book.
Next time you type in a name or an email address, AgreeDo will automatically lists all fitting names / email addresses you ever entered.
By this AgreeDo constantly learns about the people you normally meet with. So you don’t need to import or update your address book with AgreeDo. By only storing the contacts you ever met with the suggestion  list stays short enough for comfortable selection.
So we think this is a better solution than having an address book function in AgreeDo. What do you think?