All Clubs, associations and corporate groups who gather once a year for an annual meeting can find some help organizing this event in the following paragraphs.To build the right setting in order to tackle major decisions around budget, HR issues, and strategic goals, a few tasks need to be conquered. We asked Event Inc, the online event & location experts, how to best plan an annual assembly.
First of all, its essential to know an association rules, laws and statutes. Oftentimes, the constitution dictates that all decisions are legally binding. Sometimes, the constitution of an association also dictates the procedure and schedule by which an annual meeting must be structured by. When fixing a date for the assembly, consider that the date should not be during vacation because many members are on holiday at this time. Other faux-pas are: setting the assembly on dates such as national holidays or major sports events such as football events.
When the date is set, you can start searching for a suitable location. The location should be easily accessible for all members. Other important points are: availability of technical equipment, capacity of the location, finding a space with a great atmosphere, where your members feel comfortable, and other smaller points such as outside space (for smokers), air conditioning (summer), parking spaces etc. If the meeting takes places over several days, accommodation close the the location becomes essential.
Furthermore, you should think about a framework program for the assembly. An excursion or a dinner are great opportunities for a relaxed get-together. All important program points and the conference schedule should summarized in an agenda sent our prior the the assembly. AgreeDo helps you to accomplish that by providing a central location to organize all agenda points.
An last but not least: a good catering partner is of essence to make you assembly members happy. Some location have great catering in house, some ask you to bring their own catering. Just make sure: There is always enough food, coffee & snacks. Ideally, both vegetarian and meat options. Do ask whether anyone has any food intolerances or a kosher or halal preference.
When all major points above are cast in stone, its time for the invitation. Mostly sent out via post, but AgreeDo may also be handful, especially as members may use it to add their own points for agenda points.
Last but not least, the aftercare of such an event is essential: you should sent a summary of all discussed points to the attendees. Also, include members of your organization who couldn’t make it to the assembly. Make sure all important discussion points and decisions are included.