Over the years every business has different ways of experimenting with meetings. However over the last decade there has been a set of rules that every business uses. Here are three things that companies such as Apple, Google and Nike all implement in every business meeting to ensure they have a successful meeting.

How top companies run their meetings

How top companies run their meetings

Have a purpose for your meeting

Firstly a purpose, if there is no purpose to the meeting you won’t really get far as you and your colleagues will just go off topic. Next clear next steps, no matter the job role you should know your role and what to do as soon as you leave the meeting, if you don’t it has been a massive waste of time. Finally every business meeting should have an end time, without this the meeting can just go on far longer than it should of.

Unique meeting methods

Companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Nike all have some sort of unique method to use during meetings. For example Apple always try to keep their meetings short by ensuring that someone is in charge and there is no confusion. Next, Google always make sure that there is a note taker in the meetings at all times so if anyone forgets anything its right there.

Stand up meeting extends your life expectancy 🙂

Facebook also have a unique method of having a daily 15 minute stand up meeting, experts say every hour you sit down you reduce your life expectancy by 22 minutes. Finally Nike always tries to ensure that everyone at their meetings doodling, as a study shows that people who doodle retain 29% more information than someone who doesn’t.
To conclude the most important thing when planning meetings with colleagues always have a plan ready.