This article explains 3 basic types of meetings you can use in AgreeDo to collaborate on meeting content.

  • Default
  • Moderated
  • Public

Why are there different types?

Creators of meetings sometimes want to limit/extend the access rights of attendees to the meeting content. That is the reason why AgreeDo provides different meeting types.

Default: This meeting type is by far the most used meeting type. Attendees are allowed to change the agenda (i.e. items of a meeting). But they cannot reschedule the meeting. Only attendees of the meeting can view/change the meeting content.

Moderated: This meeting type provides the same access rights as “Default”. Additionally, attendees are not allowed to change the meeting items. Use this meeting type if you don’t want your attendees to mess up your meeting schedule 🙂 Yet attendees are allowed to add comments to the items.

Public: This meeting type allows anyone on the internet to view/change the meeting

How to set up the meeting type?

In the schedule meeting dialog, you find the 3 options as follows. The default type is set by unchecking “Public” and “Moderated”:

Type of AgreeDo Meeting: Default, Moderated or Public

To set the other meeting type just check the option.

Additionally: As you can see above you can also set up a public moderated meeting by choosing both options. This means that everyone on the internet can view the meeting content, but is only allowed to add/edit comments. For more info about public meetings please refer to the article “How to set up access rights for meeting minutes in AgreeDo“.

For more info on how to set up an AgreeDo meeting in general please refer to our article “AgreeDo User Manual (Part 1): Preparing an Agenda“.


If you are uncertain what type to choose for your first meetings, keep the default. 🙂