I have registered AgreeDo. I am unable to get permission to enter “Assigned to” and “Due date”. I am just able to enter text. How can I assign a task to a user in AgreeDo?

How to assign a task to a user in AgreeDo:

The answer is quite easy.
AgreeDo offers 4 types of items in meeting minutes:

  1. Info
  2. Topic
  3. Task
  4. Decision

What you want to accomplish is creating a task.
Therefore you need to change the type of your current item to a task. To change the item select the item you want to change by clicking the line item (or create a new one by hitting the enter key). Now hit “Alt+t” on your keyboard or click on the button highlighted below.

Change item type to task, You could also hit "Alt+t"

This changes the type to “task”. Then you are able to assign a person by entering his/her email address (or name) and assign a due date.

Enter email or name of the assignee

You could either enter the name of the person or the email address. Only for the very first time when you assign a task to that person you need to enter the email address. After that, AgreeDo “learns” that you interact with that person and offers you to also write her/his name and AgreeDo tries to “guess” who you mean while you type in part of his/her name:

Enter name or email adress. First time you need to enter the full email adress of the assignee

Then you can select from the drop down the person you want to assign and finally set a due date:

Tip 1: You are free to assign a person or a due date. You can leave out one or both. Best is of course to set an assignee and a due date.
Tip 2: AgreeDo only offers you to assign one single person. The reason is that you want to make sure who is definitely in charge to execute the task. If you assign a group of persons you are not sure whether this task will ever get executed.